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Hello, everyone! :wave: I'm 18 and just started college. I'm friendly yet shy, compassionate, can be overprotective of those I care about, and a bit of a klutz. I just started getting into drawing and I've been writing fan-fictions for awhile now. I will listen to any comments, critiques, and/or advice anyone has to offer. I will try my best, and I hope you all enjoy my upcoming work. :w00t!:

By the way, I wouldn't mind little notes and I would love to talk to anyone who'd like the company. Hey, even doing little rps with you guys would be awesome! :D

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Oh I'm so happy~ :w00t!: Awhile ago I posted in a journal entry that I found out my level 90+ Luxray, Sparky, was gone...most likely accidentally released (although I don't see how considering I'm very antsy about that but that's besides the point). I've searched every pokemon game I have, I even checked my little bro's pokemon games (since, whenever my little bro is stuck at a part, I help him out and loan him 1 or 2 of my highest leveled pokemon, Sparky being one of them), but it turns out he wasn't in any of them and he's really gone. I was really depressed for the rest of the day, but I vowed to catch another Shinx so I can raise and have a Luxray once more. At first I wasn't sure how to do it, Shinx aren't found in the wild except for in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. I could've asked my little brother to help capture one for me, but he lost his Diamond and Platinum awhile ago and still hasn't found 'em so that idea was scrapped. Both me and my little bro have Black and White and, if I gave my little bro a specific trainer from my Black City to transfer to his White Forest, once again he could capture a wild Shinx or me in the little patch of grass in his special area, but I never got this said trainer (as far as I'm concerned) I had to scrap THAT idea too. It seemed hopeless...and I feared I'd never have my precious Luxray in my pokemon family again... :( But there was no way I was giving up...I kept searching for a way! I checked the GTS multiple times, but all people asked for were legendaries, and I wasn't giving up ANY of my hard won legendaries...I was desperate but not THAT desperate! I did Wonder Trade a few times, praying I'd get lucky and get a Shinx or something. Hell, I'd was even willing to take a lvl 1, freshly bred, female Shinx! I can just breed it with my Ditto until I get my male Shinx and begin training it! Nothing turned up again... I did some more research and, one day, I found out you can get a level 30 Luxio in the Friend Safari. What luck! Since I already beat my Pokemon X awhile ago, my Friend Safari was already unlocked. I was so excited! I was a step closer to getting my new family member! :la: Now the problem at hand was getting a friend that had the Electric Safari so I can get my Luxio. I found a site that everyone posts what Safari they got and their 3DS Friend Code. I was overjoyed...everything was falling into place so perfectly! :D But every time I tried adding any of the people who had a Luxio in their Electric Safari, they never added me back, so I assumed either a) they haven't been on, or, the most likely one, b) they saw me as just a random stranger adding them and ignored me. Again everything seemed hopeless... :'( I was about to throw in the towel when I remembered there was always my little bro. I immediately grabbed his 3DS XL and exchanged my and his Friend Codes, turned on my game, and flew to Kiloude City, running over to the Friend Safari. My heart flipped in my chest with joy: my brother had the Electric Safari! Since he didn't beat the Elite Four yet, I won't know what his third pokemon would could be the Luxio I've sought for these past couple months or another pokemon entirely. All there was left for me to do was wait. Finally, after nearly a month of waiting, my little brother ran to me yesterday saying he was at the Elite Four and he needed help with the Water Elite Four (which is odd because he was one of the easiest for me but whatever...his pokemon were a bit low-leveled and his team wasn't as well-rounded as my team was when I fought the Elite Four, but he did surprisingly well, Water Elite aside). So I loaned him my 3 level 100s-Lucario (Riley), Scizor (Shredder) and  Aegislash (Arondight)-because, again, his pokemon were a bit low-leveled, instructed him during his battles and helped him beat the Elite Four. He fought the Champion Diantha without my advice and defeated her with relative ease, I think only one of his pokemon fainting. The moment he got himself registered into the Hall of Fame, I helped him find the Luminose Station and he rode to Kiloude City. We went into the Friend Safari together (since for some reason you both have to be in the Hall of Fame AND on your Pokemon X/Y at the same time to find out what your third pokemon is) and I began searching around in the grass while my little brother walked into my Safari, which is Ghost, to see what he'll get. I kept getting the first two pokemon (Pikachu and Emolga) over and over and I was beginning to get frustrated, but finally the wild encounter tune played...and I see a Luxio silhouette. I shook to get my little brother's attention and showed him the wild Luxio, giving him a tight hug and thanking him repeatedly (although it's a little silly considering the pokemon selections are at random). I immediatelt caught it with an ultra ball, then realize it was a female. I cursed myself for being hasty while my brother laughed, playfully teasing me. I searched the grass, running into a bunch of Pikachus, Emolgas and female Luxios, until finally  I found a male Luxio. Since the pokemon in my team were all level 50 or so, I couldn't fight him, but the female Luxio was easily caught in just one ultra I figured I'd get the same result. Boy was I wrong, I had to use like four or so ultra balls to finally catch him. I happily named the little fella Sparky II after my original Luxray and immediately began training him. He is currently level 38 with the moves Thunderbolt, Thunder Fang, Wild Charge and Swagger.

Alright enough of my happy rants. Have a goodnight everyone :aww:
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