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My ID and avatar picture is not my own work and I give full credit to whoever drew it.
Hello, everyone! :wave: I'm 20-years-old, and I'm friendly yet shy, compassionate, can be overprotective of those I care about, and a bit of a klutz. I just started getting into drawing and I've been writing fan-fictions for awhile now. I will listen to any comments, critiques, and/or advice anyone has to offer. I will try my best, and I hope you all enjoy my upcoming work. :w00t!:

By the way, I wouldn't mind little notes and I would love to talk to anyone who'd like the company. Hey, even doing little rps with you guys would be awesome! :D

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Back in April, I wrote a journal entry of my fanfiction and drawing ideas I had in mind. New ideas have joined the previous few, so I'll list the old and new fanfiction/drawing ideas below:
Star! Star!Star! 
Bullet; Red Fanfictions
[I have more time, and prefer, to write so I'll take note of my fanfiction ideas first]
- The Subspace Emissary fanfiction
- Rise of a New Black Knight (SatBK fanfiction)
- PMD: Explorers of Destiny (PMD fanfiction, duh ;P)
- Book 1: The Future Blows (Sonic fanfiction)
- Book 2: ??? (Sonic fanfiction)
- Book 3: ??? (Sonic fanfiction)
:new: - Deemo fanfiction
:new: - Cytus fanfiction
:new: - Cytus: Chapter K fanfiction
:new: - Five Nights at Freddy's fanfiction
:new: - Elsword fanfiction
Bullet; Red Drawings (not including fan art)
[These will either be hand-drawn or digitally-made (depends on what I feel like doing) and will be posted a lot slower than my fanfictions because, again, I don't often have time to draw so please be patient with me Aww]
- OCs: Marie the Wolf, Daniel the Wolf, Ange the Angel-Hedgehog/Devi the Demon-Hedgehog, Nazo, Solace (normal, :new: true god form), Kaos (normal, :new: true god form), Dark Mewtwo (normal, :new: devil form), Insanity, Sane, Dark Lord, Mewtwo (holy form, dark form, future self, :new: true god form), :new: Gabriel the Angel-Hedgehog, :new: Luc the Demon-Hedgehog, :new: Intellect, :new: Sadistic, :new: Wrath, :new: Misery,     :new: Paranoid, :new: Primal
- Maps and whatnot from my original country, Draconia
Bullet; Red Comics
[These are merely ideas but I'm not sure if I'll do they may never get posted]
- "Graphic novel" of my PMD fanfiction
- Comic(s) of Mewtwo's dark past
Star! Star! Star!

My Deemo fanfiction is currently posted and you can find it in my gallery (under the Deemo tab, of course) but it's currently "incomplete" because it's an ongoing game that is constantly being updated by its developer, Rayark Inc. To be honest, I don't even think they know where Deemo is headed, but the storyline is excellent so far and I eagerly wait for more. As for the new OCs, let me clear some stuff up (and repeat old points from my previous journal entry):
1) Yes, I'm aware that Mewtwo is (c) of Nintendo/GameFreak, but I have my own version of him. I give full credit to Nintendo/GameFreak for creating Mewtwo, but the new backstory I created for him is (c) by me. :new: In an rp with my friend (and crush :blush:), Mewtwo rises to the status of...godhood? :? Well, whatever, he's a god now...just roll with it and don't question it. :XD: He is the God of Redemption and, along with Solace and Kaos, one of the three Gods of Harmony and he represents the balance between good/peace and evil/chaos.
2) Nazo is a bit of a conundrum and I'm not 100% who to give the (c) to.
:new: 3) Solace and Kaos are twins and are manifestations of Mewtwo's holy and dark forms respectively. Solace is the calmer, more gentle one of the two and is the God of Peace, Virtues and Justice. His loud-mouth, ill-mannered twin, Kaos, on the other hand, is the God of Calamity, Vices and Corruption. Needless to say, they butt heads...a lot... ^^; As aforementioned with Mewtwo, the twins, alongside Mewtwo, form the Gods of Harmony with Solace representing the good and pure in the world and Kaos representing the evil and corrupt in the world.
:new: 4) Ange and Devi are soul sisters, meaning they are two souls sharing one body. So they're technically twins but, instead of being identical twins in separate bodies, they're fraternal twins sharing one body.
:new: 5) Tying in with Ange and Devi, Gabriel and Luc are their brothers with Gabriel being the eldest at 21, Luc being the middle child at 16, and Ange/Devi being the youngest at 8.
:new: 6) Insanity is technically Dark Mewtwo (aka "Darkie")'s, well, insanity manifested. ^^; Just because Dark Mewtwo seems to be calm, cool and collected on the outside doesn't mean he doesn't have a few screws loose. :XD:
:new: 7) Insanity (who's real name is Naive), Intellect, Sadistic, Wrath, Misery, Paranoid and Primal are all brothers and, like Ange and Devi, are soul brothers and share one body, but, unlike Ange and Devi, the other six brothers can freely separate from Naive into individual spectral "bodies". All seven are the Gods of Madness and each brother represents a certain kind of psychopathic tendency or mental illness/disorder: (1) Naive = those with mania or bipolar disorder, (2) Intellect = the psychopathic masterminds, (3) Sadistic = the psychopaths that take victims for the mere twisted fun of it (4) Wrath = the "angry" psychopaths that can snap in an instant, (5) Misery = those with depression, (6) Paranoid = those with paranoia, phobias, and schizophrenia, and (7) Primal = the psychopaths that act on mere primal instinct.
I'm still not 100% sure if I'll make an Elsword fanfiction, we'll see.
:new: 8) Sane was introduced in me and my friend/crush's rp. One of my friend/crush's characters killed Insanity when the god lost control and, feeling guilty about killing him, my friend/crush's character created a "golem", so to speak, with Insanity's heart implanted in it. At the time, the "golem" played the role of Insanity until the original Insanity came back from the dead (since he's a god and all ^^;) and sacrificed himself because he felt like he had no place since the original has returned. Insanity (probably due to his brother, Intellect's influence) rebuilt his "golem" as a robot and named him "Sane" since he's like the original but more collected and down-to-earth.

Wow, that was even more of a mouthful than last time. @~@ Well then, I got class soon and it's finals week. I cut my finger yesterday with a knife, I think I caught a cold or something, and to top it all off I got finals...all-in-all, this week SUCKS! T~T

Talk to y'all later. Bai~ :wave:
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