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Please take a look at my stuff. :)


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United States
My ID and avatar picture is not my own work and I give full credit to whoever drew it.
Bold the things that are true:

I have a best friend
I have more than 2 friends

I miss someone right now
I know both of my parents
I am the oldest sibling
I am the only sibling
I am the youngest sibling
I have a job
I know someone who has/had cancer
I know someone who has died (Who doesn't?)
I know someone who was murdered (I didn't know her very well, but apparently someone in my dad's building was murdered...or, at least, that's what the police assume because of evidence)
I have kissed someone
I have had sex
I have dyed my hair
I still have my natural hair color
I live with my parent/s
I get jealous easy (I'm pretty easy-going)
I have hugged someone in the past month
I have been to a friend's house in the past month
I have eaten pizza in the past month (I had pizza last night)
I have punched someone (Playfully I have, a violent manner, no)
I have been punched (Same as above)
I have tattoos
I have piercings somewhere other than my ears
I have a pet
I have self harmed
I have tried suicide
I have thought about suicide
I take medication
I liked school
I'm still in school
I have brown eyes
I take drugs
I smoke
I've been to America (I live in New York lol!)
I've pranked someone
I've been to jail
I like sports
I am a flirt
I laugh at my own jokes
My parents are still together
I've kissed someone in the rain
I've had sex with someone in a weird place
I've cuddled with someone 
I've slept an entire day before
I've touched a real gun
I've been pregnant
I've swam in the ocean
I've had surgery (Surgery to remove my tonsils and adenoids)
I've broken a bone
I purposely kill spiders/insects
I've eaten rabbit meat
I've eaten deer meat
I've eaten horse meat
I've met a celebrity (I've met a Broadway star briefly, but I don't know if he was a celebrity perse)
I'm married
I am younger than 18
I've been in a car accident
I've been drunk
I like to be drunk
I've been fishing 
I've been on a plane
I've been on a train

I've loved someone I couldn't have
I've had my heart broken (I've had my heart broken five times: once by my first ex, three times by my second ex-one of which wasn't relationship related-and once by my recent ex. I broke up with my recent ex, so I broke his heart first I suppose, but he told me during our relationship if I left because I wanted to better myself...long story short, he didn't keep that promise, so to speak, and really hurt my feelings with hurtful words)
I've sworn at a teacher (I would never do such a thing! their face...)
I've been to a concert (I've been to...three? I don't wasn't much)
I've spoken to someone in the last hour
I've watched a movie today
I've played a game today
I've been on TV
I've stolen books from a library (I wouldn't dream of it!)
I've been in a tornado
I know how to swim

I am shorter than 5'4
I wear glasses (Well, I'm SUPPOSE to wear glasses)
I wear contact lenses
I have braces (I use to wear braces)
I want to have kids someday
I've worn pajamas in public before (Pajama Day for school and when I use to go to bowling x3)
I've seen the northern lights (I want to see it sooooo bad!)
I own a bed
I own a TV
I've gone surfing
I've given a blowjob/handjob
I've sky-dived
I've been to prom
I've been in a helicopter
I've peed outside
I use Facebook
I use Twitter
I use MySpace (I thought this went extinct a long time ago)
I use Snapchat
I own a phone
I own a camera
I own a laptop
I sleep with a soft toy (Don't judge me...!)
I've been camping (Does sleeping in a lodge and doing outdoorsy things count?)
I've had a crush on a teacher
I'm currently reading a book
I've eaten in the last hour (I'm REALLY hungry right now, thank you... -~-")

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